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For more than 75 years, the New York Board of Fire Underwriters has been in the forefront of fire prevention and education for New York City residents, with special emphasis on fire safety for children. Through a series of lectures, films

and demonstrations, the Board reaches more than a million children every year.

In addition, the Board publishers a fire safety manual for primary grade school teachers which is updated annually.

The Board also sponsors an annual Fire Safety Essay and Poster Contest for children in the primary grades of public and private schools. The contest allows children the opportunity to express their artistic abilities while reinforcing the importance of fire safety. Each year more than 90,000 youngsters participate in the contest.

The Board takes a vigorous role in developing and promoting fire safety legislation, including the recently enacted Federal Sprinkler law.

By working with such groups as the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, the National Fire Protection Association, Special Risk Underwriters and Underwriter Laboratories Fire Council, the Board educates the public and private sectors on enforcement of building and fire safety codes and standards.

Electrical safety, fire prevention and education. These are the services that form the basis of the Board's tradition of excellence in the insurance industry. Access to the expertise and information of the Board is a vital benefit to members and others, who must respond effectively to today's ever-changing marketplace.

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