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The New York Board of Fire Underwriters and member companies are proud of the time and effort put into fire prevention each year. This program has reached out to all the grammar school children of both public and private schools in New York City for more than 70 years. The combined efforts and resources of the Board of Education, Fire Department and the Board have made this fire safety program the envy of many locals.

Each year the teachers are provided a resource manual to assist them with fire safety presentations, the New York Fire Patrol provides an officer who gives lectures to the children at their assembly. We also lend fire safety video programs upon request of school teachers. The first video is "Fannie Flame" which is for the pre-reading aged children, the other video is "Burn Wise" for the older children.

For information about any of our services, video's, Teachers Fire Safety Manual or a book on the History of the Fire Patrol please contact me at 212-563-1260, Or email me at: nyfpshops@aol.com

Kevin Keegan

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