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Patrol # 2 opened in 1855 at the Marion Bell Tower in lower Manhattan. In 1866 they moved to 153 Elm Street and in 1869 they moved again, to 173 Elm Street. Then in 1873 Patrol 2 moved once again to 31 Great Jones Street where they stayed until 1907. Finally in 1907 they moved to 84 West Third Street where they are currently located. Patrol 2 is the only unit that has maintained their designation since they were formed.  
Ghostly Goings On at Station House 2
Strange noises in the attic, and a shadowy figure on the old staircase. The ghost was Firefighter Schwartz, who company members say haunted the W. Third St. station
for more than half a century.

As the story goes, schwartz hanged himself from a steel ceiling rafter in the attic sometime before 1930 after discovering his wife had cheated on him. Since then, his ghost has been known to roll a metal cart across the attic floor when no one is looking, said Firefighter Tony Emmanuel. Sometimes he'll appear on the stairwell, dressed in a double-breasted uniform with badges and a cap, said Sgt. Jim McCauley. "He doesn't speak to anyone. He doesn''t make any motions. He doesn't wave or anything like that," McCauley said. Though Firefighter Chief Ray Carroll said someone definately died in the station, he has no details. But firefighters who have encounted the ghost are convinced they are not alone.
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