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A question very often asked about the New York Board of Fire Underwriters is; “What does the Board do?” The answer; “We save lives!”

Our Fire Prevention Bureau save lives of our youngest citizens by educating them about the danger of fire and fire prevention measures. They are educated in how to properly report a fire, exit a fire scene and prepare a fire safety and evacuation plan for their home and family. Selecting the Fire Prevention web link will access additional information about our fire prevention and education efforts.

Our Bureau of Electricity save lives by providing thousands of electrical safety inspections each year throughout the State of New York. The efforts of the Bureau reduce the risk of serious injury, the loss of life and afford each of us a safer, more secure environment in our homes, schools, and businesses. To learn more about the Bureau or to request a premises electrical inspection access their web link.

Our Fire Patrol save lives at thousands of alarms and call outs they respond to each year. In addition to removing people from harms way at fires, building collapses and the conflagration of terrorists attacks, members of the Patrol preserve the financial well being of thousands of New Yorkers in their salvage and protection effort. Tens of thousands of people have been afforded financial security and hundreds of millions of dollars saved through their efforts in the securing and salvage of property during their more than 135 years of service to the people and institutions of the City of New York. To learn more about this very dedicated group of individuals access the Fire Patrol links.

Tragically, Patrol members also suffer loss of life as they perform their duties as evidenced by the record of members, included in our Honor Roll, who lost their life in the line of duty. Please take a moment to access the Honor Roll and pay respect to each of these thirty-two individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in their effort to preserve the life and property of their fellow man.

That is what we do and have done for portions of three centuries. Moreover, we do it with pride, tradition and a sense of history that is unmatched.

Thank you for visiting.

Dennis L. Rowe, President

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